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Xu Ge: History of car lighting upgrades

Follow me to learn more about car light modification.

The previous way to upgrade car lights: simple and easy to operate. No technical expertise is required and it is relatively cheap. However, high energy consumption, unsafe lines, and direct reflection of high lumens lead to frequent accidents.

Xu Ge: History of car lighting upgrades 1

Cost-effectiveness: 20%

After-sales support: 0%

Quality effect: 20%

Vehicle aesthetics: original car effect

Hand-modified lamps: The price is relatively low and can satisfy personal DIY choices. Damage modification. It is difficult to ensure standardization and relies too much on the level of technicians. Due to the different modification methods, after-sales service is many and troublesome.

Xu Ge: History of car lighting upgrades 2

Cost-effectiveness: 60%

After-sales support: 59%

Quality effect: 60%

Vehicle aesthetics: 30%

Brand headlight assembly: construction is simple and fast. Can meet the "look style" needs. Poor quality and short life. It is difficult to guarantee after-sales service due to batch reasons. The interior configuration is low and the lighting effect is poor. Increase repeat consumption by consumers. The price is relatively expensive.

Xu Ge: History of car lighting upgrades 3

Cost-effectiveness: 60%

After-sales support: 50%

Quality effect: 60%

Vehicle aesthetics: 30%

Upgraded car lights with high-end inner liner: directly replace the original car light cup. Standard light type. Standard matches the original car. Strong compatibility. In line with the original car aesthetics and personalized customization. Construction personnel who need experience in car light modification and upgrade are required to operate.

Xu Ge: History of car lighting upgrades 4

Value for money: 100%

After-sales support: 100%

Quality effect: 100%

Vehicle aesthetics: 90%

The above data is based on online data and does not represent personal opinions. Just for reference!

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