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You must know the car light language. You can understand the hints of experienced drivers in seconds

What does it mean when the driver behind you flashes your headlights?

Dear children, did you know that car lights also have light signals?

Understand these common lights? Understand the hints of experienced drivers in seconds

You must know the car light language. You can understand the hints of experienced drivers in seconds 1

rear vehicle

The headlights flash: urging you to drive or reminding you that you are ready to overtake.

Flashing the headlights twice means dissatisfaction with your driving

The headlights flash three times: reminding you that there is a problem with your car and you need to check the condition of the car in time and pull over if necessary.

vehicle ahead

Continuously flashing brake lights: reminds you that you are following a car too close and you need to keep a certain distance from the car in front.

Oncoming car

The headlights flash twice: reminding you to turn off the high beam. At this time, you need to check whether the high beam is turned off.

The vehicle next to you when merging

The headlights flash: indicating agreement to merge.

Headlights flashing continuously: Indicates refusal to merge. At this time, be sure not to merge directly.


Read the cues of drivers around you at critical moments

Is it really important? Remember it

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