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You need to know the details of car light modification, remember the regulations and choose lights c

The time has entered 2019, and cars are becoming more and more popular. After all car enthusiasts pick up a new car, they always think about dressing up their new car and modifying it to make it look more beautiful and stylish! When it comes to modifications, the first thing that bears the brunt is the car's "lights". The editor also wants to tell all car friends that when modifying car lights, safety should be the first priority, and aesthetics should be secondary.

Today I will tell you about it~

1. Remember the regulations

There are also clear regulations for modifying car lights. Article 97 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that the wattage of headlights cannot exceed 60W. For the act of installing xenon headlights without permission, according to Article 90 of the Road Traffic Safety Law, private modification violates vehicle safety principles and will be fined 200 yuan and deducted 3 points; if the original car's halogen headlights are replaced with Xenon headlights, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law, will be subject to a fine of 500 yuan to 2,000 yuan. Therefore, car owners must comply with these regulations when upgrading light bulbs, otherwise they will be punished by the traffic police. All cyclists must follow the rules~

You need to know the details of car light modification, remember the regulations and choose lights c 1

Some car enthusiasts will also say, wouldn’t it be impossible to modify it if there are regulations? The editor says no, it is possible to modify car lights, but the modification must be within the scope allowed by regulations. First of all, if you want to upgrade xenon lights, it must be a car that originally uses xenon headlights. You can choose something like Osram xenon headlights. Original spare parts such as car lights can increase the brightness of the lights within the scope of regulations; secondly, the vehicles purchased are not originally xenon lamps and cannot be changed to xenon lamps, but the brightness of the lights can be increased within the prescribed range.

2. Choose lights carefully

There are many types of lights on the market now, and their prices vary greatly. At the same time, modifying car headlights is also closely related to driving safety, especially driving at night. The more common halogen bulbs are available in pairs ranging from dozens to hundreds. Bad off-brand bulbs not only have low brightness and limited lifespan, but may also burn out the circuit. Therefore, the editor recommends that you choose brand car lights that are supplied by the original factory.

You need to know the details of car light modification, remember the regulations and choose lights c 2

For HID xenon headlights, the prices of different manufacturers also vary greatly. Because their processes and technologies are very complex, and the quality is not very good, the service life will not be very long. The editor recommends that you choose brands from well-known manufacturers. At least the quality is guaranteed.

3. Think about others

You need to know the details of car light modification, remember the regulations and choose lights c 3

An important principle followed in vehicle modification is "civilized modification". In order to be cooler, some car owners choose HID with too high color temperature and bluish light color. This kind of blue light will particularly irritate the eyes of passers-by and drivers. Not only is it unpleasant, but it also affects safety; on the other hand, many car owners don’t pay attention to the lighting rules when driving at night, such as turning on high beams when they miss a car, flashing their lights randomly, etc., which are not only offensive, but also more likely to cause traffic accidents. .

Today, the editor is talking about the common sense of car light modification. All car enthusiasts must keep it in mind and choose carefully.

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