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1. Development Trend

The future products of the automotive lighting industry will develop towards electronic, intelligent and high-looking products.

1. In terms of headlights, the static lighting system cannot meet the driving vision needs in real time, and problems such as lighting blind spots and glare may cause greater safety hazards. Technologies such as AFS and ADB are currently relatively mature intelligent car lighting technologies. AFS headlights can automatically adjust the headlight illumination angle according to driving conditions, and the camera equipped with ADB headlights can detect road conditions in real time and control the zonal illumination of high beams. In addition, technologies such as DLP, LCD and μAFS are also developing based on AFS and ADB, further adding information interaction functions and improving security performance. Among them, DLP technology adds a projection function based on ADB, which can project certain patterns. Even film screenings.

2. The rear combination lights are more integrated and assembled. Compared with the separated rear combination lights, the through-type rear combination lights not only increase the lighting range of the rear of the car, but also make it easier to design the overall vehicle style.

3. The personalized demand for small lights has become more prominent. By selecting new internal lighting such as ambient lights and welcome lights, it may lead a new consumption trend among young new energy vehicle consumer groups.

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