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#What Are the Highlights of Ces2019# 5g War Brought by Qualcomm, Intel and Samsung?

This site is edited, sorted and published, and the data sources are from manufacturers and Sina Technology.While CES 2019 is in full swing, 5g, AI and 8K have become hot words at the exhibition site. Xiaobian tries to summarize the performance of Qualcomm, Intel and Samsung during ces2019 from the perspective of 5g chip and 5g mobile phone.One of the top ten forecast reports of smart phones in 2019 previously released by the famous market research company IDC is that by 2020, all smart phone manufacturers will create their own unique IOT Internet developer ecological alliance. In 5g era, content is king. In the future, all mobile phone manufacturers must establish their own ecological alliance to deal with opportunities and challenges.

#What Are the Highlights of Ces2019# 5g War Brought by Qualcomm, Intel and Samsung? 1

In addition, other forecasting agencies also bring forecasts released by 5g mobile phones. Although it will face the problem of insufficient 5g network infrastructure in 2019, various mobile phone manufacturers are seizing the right to launch 5g mobile phones, and the first batch of 5g commercial mobile phones is expected to be displayed in the first quarter as soon as possible. Then, we comb the products and solutions of manufacturers along these two lines.Qualcomm established 5g ecological alliance and obtained more than 30 5g terminal designsOn January 8, during the implementation of ces2019, Qualcomm has obtained more than 30 5g terminal designs, and most of these 5g terminal designs are smartphones equipped with Xiaolong 855 mobile platform and Xiaolong X50 5g modem series from Global OEMs. In addition, all OEM customers and almost all of these 5g terminal designs use Qualcomm RF front end (RFFE) solution.

Xiaolong 855 mobile platform is the first 5g commercial mobile platform, which aims to support the first wave of 5g commercial mobile terminals starting in the first half of 2019. Cristiano Amun, President of Qualcomm incorporated, said: "We believe that almost all 5g mobile terminals released in 2019 will be built based on Qualcomm's 5g solution. 5g will pave the way for the next generation of immersive experience, including near real-time cloud access, multiplayer VR games, AR shopping and real-time video collaboration. The world is ready for the top experience of 5g smartphones, and Qualcomm will work with OEM manufacturers and operators Partners such as business operators and infrastructure suppliers will take the lead in turning these experiences into reality in 2019. "

Qualcomm's 5g R & D process spans from basic research in the 1990s, the first 5g inventions in the 2000s, to the first 5g new air interface prototype, test, modem, millimeter wave module and smartphone test terminal in the past few years. Qualcomm has unique advantages and can support 5g to become a commercial reality in the first half of 2019. At that time, North America, Europe, Japan South Korea, Australia and China will successively launch 5g terminals and network deployment, using Xiaolong 855 mobile platform, Xiaolong X50 5g modem series and Xiaolong RF front-end solutions (including Qualcomm integrating RF transceiver, RF front-end and antenna unit) Qtm052 millimeter wave antenna module), the above solution will help manufacturers solve the exponential growth of terminal design complexity caused by 5g supporting below 6 GHz and millimeter wave band.

Intel shows 5g chips

#What Are the Highlights of Ces2019# 5g War Brought by Qualcomm, Intel and Samsung? 2

During ces2019, Intel introduced the code named "snow ridge" for 5g network connection and edge computing Snow ridge is a new network system chip for 5g wireless access and edge computing. It will introduce Intel computing architecture into wireless access base stations and allow more computing functions to be distributed at the edge of the network. Snow ridge is expected to be delivered in the second half of 2019. In addition, in the second half of 2019, Intel will launch a new generation of 5g baseband chip. Intel will be in CES We promise to continue to strengthen long-term investment in network infrastructure.

At the scene, Intel also showed a small wireless base station based on the snow ridge platform, which is very small in size. From the chip diagram given by Intel, snow ridge also seems to adopt the foveros 3D three-dimensional package. This chip will be based on the 10nm process to help Intel Architecture connect wireless network base stations, so that more computing functions can be carried out at the edge of the network.Navin Shenoy, vice president of Intel bank and general manager of data center division, said that 5g is in the center of a data centric and evolving world. It is not only a new generation of technology, but also the DNA and cornerstone of the future innovation platform, bringing seamless and almost unlimited computing.Samsung 5g mobile phone is about to appear, and Bixby begins to develop into an automobile

On January 8, Samsung's ces2019 press conference officially began. Although Samsung will not release new phones on CES, it revealed the good news that galaxy phones will support 5g network this year at the beginning of the press conference. Samsung will release new smart phones such as Galaxy S10 during next month's MWC conference. Then we will know the answer.With the support of 5g network, IOT is no longer limited to mobile phones to home appliances. Samsung said that Bixby will develop in the automotive field this year. Users can control home devices and mobile phones directly through Bixby in the car.HS Kim, chief executive of Samsung, confirmed that a 5g smartphone will be launched to the market this year. From chips and devices to network devices, Kim said that due to Samsung's leadership, 5g technology is "right at hand". He pointed out that Samsung's experience and efforts have promoted the commercialization of 5g Technology. In the United States, we are helping major operators launch 5g networks.

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